Welcome to Callipitter Hand Wovens! "Callipitter" is how my youngest grandson said caterpillar when he was little, and it made me laugh. The name represents the morphing of a callipitter into a beautiful butterfly, just as yarn can be turned into something lovely.


I started my weaving journey in 2011, selling on my own since 2013. I weave much love (and the occasional swear word) into my creations. I love colour, and patterns, and just creating a beautiful product. I've always sold my product in gift stores and at craft fairs and am now taking the next step to expand my business, bringing the love of hand woven beauties to the world.
My dream is to have a piece of my weaving in every home. Thank you for checking out my online store, I hope you find a piece that speaks to you!
If you would like a custom weaving please feel contact me, I would enjoy working with you to create your perfect hand woven piece.
And a bit more info - I will be adding more pieces on a regular basis so please check back!
Please know that colours showing on your device may be a bit different.
Paula McDougal